Distant learning is new for most students and families alike in Ohio. Looking for ways to enrich your at home learning environment?  Now is the time to start thinking about a spring garden!  Gardens can teach young kids all kinds of school concepts such as sizes, adding, subtraction, counting, sorting into groups and colors. Gross motor skills and a strong work ethic are also life-skills that can be taught through gardens.

The benefits to gardening are endless and include:

  • Increased willingness to try fruits & vegetables
  • Increased fruit & vegetable consumption beyond the school setting
  • Improved healthy nutrition choices
  • Increased physical activity

Need more convincing?  After spending time in the garden, kids are more likely to not only eat more fruits and vegetables but also are willing to try all different kinds of them.  Start by asking your school agers at home what they want to see in their garden.    To help you and your kids begin a garden at home, check out Grow & Share The Harvest Community Food Initiative, an Ohio school garden toolkit that help you start your journey at home.

Unlike class or work sheets, gardens provide a first hand, active learning space, where kids get the chance to smell the leaves of the tomato plant, dig up their own carrots, and eat kale right off the plant. Working in a garden is a real world activity; it involves students and makes them want to explore more.  Establish your goals and purpose of a garden and let your kids be the leaders.