Inspiring young minds
to make mindful choices about what they eat.

Feed Our Future connects schools, homes, and communities by providing practical information about sourcing, eating, and promoting local foods that nourish young students.

Feed Our Future fulfills our mission by serving as a:


We are the regional link to qualified producers who grow local foods and specialists who provide hands-on, in-school nutrition and agricultural experiences.


We partner with like-minded organizations to create demand for fresh, local food.


We cultivate relationships across the local foods community to present new resources, event and solutions to the schools we serve.

Food Service Professionals

Explore school lunch nutrition and make powerful menu changes with this guide to incorporating local foods into day-to-day operations.

Educators & Administrators

Inspire young minds to make mindful choices about what they eat.

Parents & Students

Understand how food choices directly impact learning, mood, health, family, and community.

Choose to make a positive impact on yourself and others through a commitment to eating and procuring local foods.

By taking the pledge, the Feed Our Future team will email you every few months to check in with new information, resources, and opportunties for connecting our schools’ food programs with local produce.


Harvest of the Month

Eat it. Grow it. Share it.
The Harvest of the Month program promotes a different Ohio-grown food each month. The goal is to make it easier for food service professionals to serve local foods and to provide materials educators and administrators can use to encourage students to eat healthfully and locally.

I have choices for what to eat.