Satisfying Sweet Potatoes

Even though we harvest sweet potatoes in the Fall in your region, they do most of their growing during the summer months! Sweet potato plants need lots of space and warm weather to grow.

Baked, mashed or roasted, sweet potatoes live up to their name and are a sweet, nutritious addition to meals all season long. These veggies are packed with beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron and potassium! Find out more about this tasty veggie below.


Sweet potatoes are actually tubers that are part of the morning glory flower family.

Depending on the variety, sweet potatoes can be yellow, purple, white or orange.

Even though they look the same, sweet potatoes and yams are totally different vegetables.

Sweet potatoes start off their growing cycle as “slips” (not seedlings), which are shoots that grow from mature sweet potatoes.

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