Healthy Eating with Herbs

Tall or short, savory or sweet, leaves or shoots: what do these all have in common? They’re characteristics of different herbs! From rosemary and oregano to basil and chives, herbs add flavor and health benefits to dishes.

It’s easy to grow many kinds of herbs in indoor containers, which makes them ideal for home gardeners. Certain herbs can improve brain function and memory, relieve upset tummies, boost immunity and fight off infections. Keep reading to learn more about herbs!

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herb collage


Herbs have been prized for centuries because of their different tastes.

They can be used fresh or dried.

The word “herb” comes from the Latin word herba, which means grass, green stalks or blades!

Herbs are used to treat health issues and make food taste good.

Essential oils can be drawn out of herbs to make perfume, lotion, toothpaste and soaps smell good.

Grow Kids’ Interest in Local Foods

From farmer storytelling kits to informational posters, our kits make it easy (and fun!) for kids to learn about local foods.

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