Amazing Asparagus

Oh, shoot! Did you know that the part of tasty asparagus that we eat is called a shoot? This green veggie is particular about the soil it grows in and prefers well-drained areas. In your region, asparagus is harvested from mid-April to late May.

Asparagus is packed with many nutrients like vitamins C, K, A, E, potassium and fiber. Grow your knowledge of asparagus with more fun facts below!


Asparagus isn’t always green: it can also be white and purple!

Asparagus is 93% water.

It takes 3 years to grow the asparagus plant before it can be harvested.

The asparagus plant is a perennial that will produce shoots for 15-20 years!

Asparagus is related to garlic, leeks and onions.

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