Summer’s Freshest Picks

The sun is shining and we are smiling!  The long, warm days of summer are perfect for foods in our region to fully ripen.  Summer is a great time to reap the rewards of delicious fruits and vegetables all season long!

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Summer fruits and veggies thrive in the long and sunny days and can be harvested throughout the season.
The rainbow of colors and fresh taste are a  great addition to your next meal.
Dive into each Summer item page to uncover fun facts, new recipes and activities for all ages.

march - herbs
october apples
november sweet potatoes

Mindful Choices Made Easy

Encourage young minds to dig deeper into the foods they eat all season long. Our food-focused kits are a simple, fun way to get kids more involved with food discovery!

Make the Most of Summer

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Explore the freshest picks throughout the year with Fall, Winter, and Spring’s featured foods!

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