Harvest of the Month

Eat it. Grow it. Share it.
The Harvest of the Month program promotes a different Ohio-grown food each month. The goal is to make it easier for food service professionals to serve local foods and to provide materials educators and administrators can use to encourage students to eat healthfully and locally.

Summer’s Harvest

Buy local and make a positive impact

Buy Locally

Local farms, from our vetted list of producers, to procure this month’s harvest.  

During the summer and school year, local food does more than nourish our bodies.  It connects schools, homes, and entire communities.  Visit a farmers’ market or farm stand near you today!

Promote Benefits

If you live or work in Northeast Ohio, you can raise awareness and promote fresh, local foods with a FREE promotional kit, including pins, stickers, and recipes. Sign the pledge and follow the instructions to request your free kit.

 If you live beyond Northeast Ohio but want to promote our mission, sign the pledge and shop promotional kits.

K-5 Bundle

A Year’s Harvest

Complete list of featured Harvest of the Month items.


March: Herbs April: Spinach May: Asparagus


September: Tomato October: Apples November: Sweet Potato


December: Potato January: Hydroponic Lettuce February: Carrots