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Make the most of your region’s locally grown foods! Our resources are packed with education and inspiration to incorporate fresh, seasonal foods into school cafeterias, classrooms and homes to fuel growing minds and bodies.


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Explore what’s in season during Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.
From easy recipes to fun facts, each season is full of information to spark interest.
Discover each season’s freshest picks below!

Fall: Sweet Finds
September: Tomatoes
October: Apples
November: Sweet Potatoes
Winter: Hearty Harvest
December: Potatoes
January: Hydroponic Lettuce
February: Carrots
Spring: Tender Greens
March: Herbs
April: Spinach
May: Asparagus
Spring: Tender Greens
March: Herbs
April: Spinach
May: Asparagus

Resources for Students,
Teachers & Families

Growing minds are hungry for knowledge! Help students learn about the importance of fresh, local foods with hands-on activities and recipes that get kids involved in food prep. Healthy habits for life start now.

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Seasonality Chart

See what fruits and vegetables are fresh in your region!

8 Ways to Inspire Farm to School Practices in Your Community

Take these simple steps to start your farm to school program.

School Garden Project

Plan, plant and grow your own school garden with our guide.

Recipe Videos

Make something new and delicious with our recipe videos.

Help Growing Minds Make
Healthy Choices

Enrich your home or classroom with educational resources that encourage kids to make healthy food choices. Our kits come packed with colorful recipe cards, stickers, farmer stories, collectable trading cards and more.

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