March is National Nutrition Month, a time to celebrate one of our favorite things – good food! Good food choices and fitting in daily physical activity is so important to the health of adults and kids alike.   This year’s theme is Personalize Your Plate!  There is no one size fits all to nutrition and health and we are here to help teach you teach kids about them.   Keep reading for our best tips and tricks to help you celebrate National Nutrition Month at home or in the classroom.

  1. Eat a variety of healthy and nutritious foods every day.  In fact – the more colors the better!  There are so many easy and fun ways to do this.  Teach kids how to read the Nutrition Facts Panel on food packaging.  Make sure water is always available and that it is the first drink someone reaches for when they are thirsty.  Most important?  Take time to enjoy food!  Have family dinners, eat slowly, and make sure to savor every bite. 
  2. Make healthy eating fun for kids!  Get creative with kids and get them involved in menu planning.  What is the favorite food to eat?  How can you change it to make it healthy?  Letting them be involved in the process from the very start will encourage them to make healthy food choices.  Pairing this with a fun theme will get kids engaged.
  3. Talk about nutrition in the classroom!  Creating healthy plates in the classroom can make it fun for kids to learn about healthy eating.  There are several great resources for teachers – check them out below!
    1.  National Nutrition Month toolkit:  Find tip sheets/handouts, games/activities, and public service announcements that you include during your school day.  Our favorite:  20 ways to enjoy more fruits and vegetables!
    1. MyPlate is the newest healthy eating guide from the USDA and is full of great ideas about portions and balance. MyPlate provides free MyPlate handouts, puzzles, posters, games, and ideas for food items to help with building a healthy food plate for kids and adults.
  4. Love local!  Find ways to include local when you personalize your plate this month.  We may be at the beginning of the local growing season, but there are so many local food businesses that need your support!