Our Food, Our Future

Youth Leadership for a Racially Just Food System

The Feed Our Future team has always had one vision: that every child has access to fresh, healthy, locally foods NO MATTER where they go to school. Our work is for ALL people and we are laser focused on making sure that school aged children and school stakeholders are supported in their understanding and have the resources that they need to collectively achieve our vision.

That is why we are so excited about the National Farm to School Network’s farm to school month theme for 2021: Our Food, Our Future.

Youth and young people are the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow and today. As National Farm to School Network continues its work of shifting power to cultivate a racially just food system, it is striving to elevate and amplify the visions, stories, and dreams of the young people who are at the heart of why we all do farm to school. Their fresh perspectives, clear-eyed optimism, and commitments to justice must be heard and celebrated. We want to know: what are their hopes and ideas for the future of our food system? What does food justice mean to them? And how can we support their leadership in moving these visions into reality?

Get ready to celebrate Our Food and Our Future this October. The Feed Our Future team will be celebrating all month long and we would love for you to join us. Stay tuned for messaging and activities that will center on amplifying youth leadership around six community values – economic and environmental justice, health, racial equity, workers’ rights, and animal welfare – for a racially just food system.