A structured fridge makes meal prepping easy.  Here are some simple steps you can take to set you and your family up for success.  Before doing anything, take a look at what you have now.  To make room in your fridge, use foods you have for the time being and throw out any out of date items.  To get the most out of your space, use the adjustable shelves and drawers. 

Structuring your fridge helps to avoid buying the same foods at local markets and will make it easier to stock.  Clear dishes with lids are a great tool, it will be easy to remember what is stored.  To begin structuring your fridge, rank the foods that you reach for the most.  When placing items on shelves, think about what makes most sense for the food itself.  Dairy, milk and eggs should be placed at the back of the bottom shelf where it is the coldest.  Reserve the fridge side shelf for side items like butters, soft cheeses, and juices.  For kid snack items place them at eye level so they are easy to grab or reserve a special bin for snacks.  Be sure to fill it with many colorful fruits and vegetables!  Fruits can be stocked on the upper shelves of the fridge while veggies can sit in the lower pull out drawers. When adding new items to your structured fridge, like a fresh gallon of milk, make sure you rotate the older items to the front so they can be used first. 

A structured fridge saves money!  If you know what is exactly inside, shopping for food and mealtimes becomes easier, with less food waste.  We hope you will fall in love with your newly organized fridge. For more tips, visit this great resource.