Having your kids home from school gives you the chance to feed them healthy and tasty foods.  There are so many good things about making meals at home, with teaching kids how to find their way through a kitchen and having them participate in the prep.  Making lunches at home will teach them lifelong lessons about food choices. 

When shopping for foods think about what you can get from a farm stand or market near you.  Buying foods that are easy to pack like grape tomatoes, apples, and nuts can make lunch prep quick and easy.  When taking your list to your store think of buying products in bulk.  Making extra for dinner each night will give you leftovers to make a great balanced, homeschool lunch for the next day!  To learn which vegetable is grown each month visit our website to check the harvest of the month.          

Explore your options when buying foods for the coming week.  Search for a farm stand or farmers’ market near you.  Many are offering pre-order options and are a great way to buy locally grown foods.    The ease of pre-ordering and picking up your local produce adds to social distancing and a healthy twist to a homeschool meal.