Now that winter has passed and repairs have been made on farm equipment, it is time for farmers to prepare the field for planting.  All farmers have their own way of doing this, but they all start with soil!  Healthy soil is key to healthy crops.  Soil quality and water are key to growing crops.  Farmers usually follow these steps in getting ready to grow food for you:

  • Testing soil pH, to build soil that is healthy and will improve plant health. 
  • Remove weeds, rocks, and stones from the ground to make sure crops can grow healthy for fall harvest. 
  • Add organic matter into the soil, such as leaves and grass clippings, to increase the amount of crops that grow
  • Fertilize the soil with essential nutrients.

Farmers a key part in offering high quality, locally grown food for our families!  The fruits and vegetables that are grown near us have the chance to ripen fully and can be  brought  right to us, avoiding any long-distance shipping.  Learning who grows food in your area helps connect to the seasonal way food is grown and the farms around you.  Meeting and talking to farmers is a great way to learn more about how and where your food is grown.  You can do this by visiting a farm stand or going to a farmers’ market near you.  Supporting farmers is one way to keep our local food system thriving! Need to find a market near you? Click here.