If your child is a picky eater a great way to introduce and encourage them to try new foods is to involve them in the planning and cooking of meals. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Bring them to the grocery store with you. Let them pick out a new protein or produce item to try;
  • Look at recipes together and have them pick out one that looks good to them;
  • Assign them tasks such as cleaning produce, measuring ingredients or pressing the button on kitchen appliances;
  • Taste and discuss: Each step of the cooking process, take a moment to reflect on the food such as its color, taste and texture;
  • Start a small herb garden at home;
  • Visit your local farmers market and try seasonally available food!

By involving your child in the process of cooking, they are learning valuable and necessary life skills. By learning these skills at young age, children can learn to make healthy food choices on their own.

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