Food Service Professionals 

Procuring Local Foods Can Be Refreshingly Simple

Informal procurement is an option for participating schools in The National School Lunch program when purchases fall at or below the federal, state, or local small purchase threshold (whichever is more restrictive).

What are the benefits?

According to the National Farm to School Network,
there are numerous benefits to incorporating local foods into a healthy school lunch program, including:

Meal Participation & Cost

Raises meal participation an average of 9% and lowers cost of school meal programs

Local Food Procurement

Reaching up to 50% of all produce purchases in season

Cafeteria Options

Increased offerings of fruits and vegetables; new seasonal recipes; new waste management policies

Food Service Staff

Improved morale; increased knowledge of local food procurement and school lunch nutrition

How can I get my school involved?

Feed Our Future helps you gather all the seeds you need to grow your farm to school initiative.

Where to Buy

Contact local farmers and food distributors through our vetted list.

How to Grow

Get your school engaged in creating its own source of fresh produce.

Promotional Swag

Promote eating fresh, healthy local food in your cafeteria with our Harvest of the Month posters.

Research & Assess

Discover if your school is ready to source locally, learn how to get started, view school lunch menu ideas, and more.

Success Story

Bob Gorman

North Olmsted City Schools Food Service Director

Bob is moving North Olmsted City Schools away from overly processed foods to scratch and speed scratch preparations with real ingredients, partnering with local farms.

He told, “Farm to School is simply the process of providing students access to nutritious, high-quality local food while also providing nutrition education through school gardens, chef demonstrations and farm field trips or visits to the school by the farmer.” Using social media and empowering techniques such as dubbing students “Official Taste Testers,” Bob has advanced a Farm to School program with impassioned support from administrators, parents, and the community.

Visit Speakers & Demos to contact leaders in local foods.